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Know how your organization is performing at all times


Methodology agnostic, real-time goals management

Whether your team adopts OKRs, Balanced Scorecard, or Cascading KPIs, our Goals platform is easy to set up & supports all goal planning & tracking methods. 

Goal Library

Create a reusable goal template library to easily standardize metrics across roles, divisions and locations & quickly get new employees up to speed with what's expected of them.

Update from anywhere

Whether you're at the office or on the road, easily update your goals & provide real-time updates to your team members from all devices.

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Build organizational alignment

Help your team members get the full picture of their contribution with unlimited cascading KPIs, create shared goals to promote cross-functional alignment & ensure that everyone on your team are continually aware of where you are going as an organization & actively engaged in the journey.

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Set complex rules & settings

Set up your organization's goal library according to your organization's unique structure - by role, by division, by location, etc. - & configure specific weights & cascading rules that best reflects how your company measures success.


Say goodbye to manual follow-ups & double inputs

From onboarding new hires, updating CRM records to approving leave requests - Synergo is where work discussions, work actions & real-time information meet & interact.


Say goodbye to follow-ups & switching between apps as you access, update & get notified on all things work-related without leaving Synergo.

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Data-driven discussions

get real-time updates in your Groups, let SygoBot remind you & your team on low performing Goals, celebrate wins & achievements together.  Convert messages into tasks & link to relevant Goals to collect more data.

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From data to actions

Directly use OKR/KPI results for individual performance appraisals & use that information for promotions, incentives & bonuses, or assign relevant learning material through our Learning platform. 

Give your team a better way to work - it's free to try

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