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What You Should Know About Modern Attendance Management System

Updated: May 20, 2020

Attendance management is the process of preventing employee time cheating, by tracking the working hours, login time, breaks, time off, and log out. It is very important to have an accurate attendance management system because the workforce is almost always the largest expense in any organization. Inaccurate employee time tracking can be a very big waste of money.

Therefore, numerous attendance management systems are created, such as punching cards, spreadsheets, NFC tap cards, fingerprints system, and so on. Employees are expected to keep track of their work time accordingly, especially when they arrive at the office, and when they leave the office. However, most of the employees do not take the attendance management system seriously, and tend to fill in their attendance according to what they remember, forget to bring their attendance card, and other problems that are caused by ignorance of the attendance management system. In a worst case scenario, the process of keeping the work time records only happens on the last day of the month, or at the last minute before the employees submit their time sheets to HR for payroll.

Not very long ago, the era of start-ups began, along with the millennials, and their new working culture where employees can work from anywhere as long as they get the job done. In this new era, a new attendance management system is required to support this new culture of working, since most of current attendance system requires the employees to be present at the office, such as fingerprint, NFC Cards, etc.

The good news is, attendance management system have been developed with a fun way! employees can log in at the office with their smartphones by only taking a selfie. The GPS built in every smartphone will help to track the location of the checking-in employee, so that the employer could check if the employee work at the office, home, a cafe, a co-working space, or other places. This way, paperwork are reduced, no need to queue (for fingerprints or NFC tap cards), and the likelihood of the employee forgetting their attendance device is minimized, because it is their smartphone. Almost no one will forget to bring their smartphone anywhere. This attendance management system would be a great fit for start-ups to support their new working culture, and also for stable corporate companies to increase the efficiency of implementing their attendance system.

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