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The Better Way To Do Attendance

Easily manage employee time & attendance - wherever you are

Our attendance feature was made to replace old-fashioned, locally-tied biometric attendance to accomodate the tracking and monitoring needs of the modern workforce.


Accurate attendance records from anywhere

Clock-in, take breaks & Clock-out directly from the Sygo Mobile App with a single selfie with live track GPS & time.


Having a hard time finding a signal? Don't worry - our app supports offline-onling syncing to allow you to still submit your attendance information in poor connectivity areas.

Get robust monitoring and reporting accessible directly from your phone.

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attendance mobile.png

Make attendance fun

Create fun activities with your selfie attendance by having themed selfie contests (e.g. formal wear Mondays, take a picture with your pet on Tuesdays, etc.), and decide winners using reactions!

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Always be in the loop

Automatically notify your team when you are ready to work or when you are calling it a day. Is your colleague on leave? Let SygoBot find you a suitable substitute help you during that day.


Why Synergo?



Accurately track attendance for your remote teams & on-the-go employees with ease.  Go green & elminate unnecessary paper timesheets.


Hygiene & Efficiency

Say goodbye to crowded lines waiting for attendance machines & eliminate the need for unwashed hands touching the same surface.



Social Engagement

Use attendance records sent directly to your work groups to as a tool to foster converations & build communities.

Give your team the attendance platform they deserve - it's free to try

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