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Use Threads to Organize Discussions

Threads keep discussions in Sygo organized. They let you ask questions, add context, or give feedback on a specific message, all without disrupting a conversation's flow. 


Why use threads?
  • Clearly tie your feedback & thoughts to a specific message or file.

  • Organize conversations & preserve meaningful context.

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Centralized user management

Only staff you permit can access your system. Unlike consumer messaging apps, you are in control of who uses the system and the data that flows through it.

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Manage daily tasks & schedules

Convert messages into tasks and add them to a shared to-do list within your Groups. Let SygoBot remind you when tasks need to be updated & when an item is completed, the channel is notified – reduce micromanagement & motivate your team.


Synergo is the central hub for all your company's workflows

From onboarding new hires, updating CRM records to approving leave requests - Synergo is where work discussions, work actions & real-time information meet & interact.


Say goodbye to follow-ups & switching between apps as you access, update & get notified on all things work-related without leaving Synergo.

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A workflow for your every need

From organizing a simple to-do list to managing complex pipelines - there's a workflow for that. Create, streamline & automate your organization's workflows & get real-time updates in your Groups. 

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Integrate with essential apps

Start and join Zoom meetings directly from Synergo and eliminate the hassle of switching between apps. Integrate shared inboxes such as hello@ or sales@ to your Groups to allow your team to construct email replies together & ensure that you're never out of the loop.


Create a working vibe everyone will enjoy

Have some fun – add color to your daily grind by incorporating emojis & gifs, and give reactions to your team member’s messages.

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Foster healthy competition

View a leaderboard of fun stats such as tasks completed, most reactions received, most timely person, etc. to keep your team excited to come to work everyday.

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Listen to your team members

Create polls – both fun and serious – to get your team’s feedback on what toppings to get for your next pizza party or whether company goals have been communicated effectively. Let your team know that they matter.

Using consumer chat for work is like going to the office in pajamas -

Start dressing appropriately.

WhatsApp for Business

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