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Chat built with the tools you need to manage your business

Put Your Office Into Your Pocket

Stop worrying about communication being scattered across emails, meetings, and multiple tools. Synergo organizes all your conversations, productivity & management tools in one place. So your team can focus on what they do best.

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From Messages to Actions

Convert messages into actions in your business workflows - from adding to your personal todo-list to creating a new bug - Synergo's chat to workflow integration will ensure your conversations turn into meaningful actions. 


Give Continuous Praise & Feedback

You can add your appraisal to a person via chat to show your appreciation or feeling, and also put a comment with a selected competency. Don't forget to lighten the mood with GIFs!


Keep Conversations Organized in Threads

You can make a topic as a thread, so that the topic can be more focusly discussed and the replies from anyone to the topic is summarized.

Give your team a way to communicate, delegate tasks, and give appraisals in a single app

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