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Run Sprints with your software team

Synergo helps maximize productivity and engagement within Engineering Team with automated project management for a more efficient product building and problem solving

Learn how Engineering teams use Synergo for:
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Take your Employee Self-Service to the next level

Eliminate busywork & empower your employees with tools & workflows that make HR administration a breeze.

Start & end your days with a selfie

Notify your team members when you are present and ready to work, when you are stepping away for a quick break or when you are ready to call it a day, by using our selfie attendance feature.


Get notified when your team members are on leave and let SygoBot look for a someone else who can help you with your work.

Request time-off and reimbursement details

Request time off directly from your conversation with your manager through the Leave and Reimbursement workflow. Both you and your manager will be notified of updates or tasks related to approving the request.


Not sure how many PTO days or travel allowance how many you have left? Just ask SygoBot – it will answer you in seconds.

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Simplify your HR administration

Reduce the amount of repetitive manual work required to keep your Human Resources department running.

Automate your payroll process

With complex settings that allow you to set what components go into your organization’s unique compensation plan –

attendance settings, custom insurance, overtime, time-off quotas –  automatically generate payroll data (complete with tax calculations) at the end of every month that is readily exportable to the import format for your bank of choice.

Reduce new employee onboarding administrative work

Create rules and new hire packages for specific roles and let SygoBot do the rest. New Hires will automatically be added to all related Groups, Learning Courses and Workflows, including the New Hire Workflow where they can download information packages, employment agreements and more.


Upgrade your performance management & culture practices

Work is done more efficiently when targets & expectations are clearly defined and monitored. Synergo gives you access to best practice Goals manaagement templates to make sure your organization is getting more things done.

Flexible Goals Management

Be it KPIs, OKRs or Balanced Scorecard – Synergo’s performance platform helps you create, track and evaluate your company’s goals, maximize cross-functional goal alignment that cascades from the company to the individual, and allows quick access or updates from anywhere through our mobile app.

Connect project and workflow metrics to company goals

Eliminate double inputs by utilizing our Data Source feature so that whenever information is updated in your workflows – from your Sales Pipeline, Hiring Pipeline, to your Project Sprints – related goals are automatically updated, letting you focus on the more important aspects of your job.

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Data driven appraisals & culture

Build your ogranization on foundational values & relevant competencies that are exhibited in your team's day-to-day activities.

Give Daily Praises

Give & collect daily feedback through our Praise feature whenever a team member exhibits your company’s values, & foster healthy competition with weekly Praise leaderboards.

Personalize the appraisal process to fit your team

create customizable 360 feedback components and rules that are unique to your organization – set different weights between peers, team members and managers for each job band, create customizable competencies, coordinate different schedules – and get a more accurate picture of each individual’s performance.

Give your team a shared workspace to plan and achieve more goals together
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