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Product Update - Boost productivity & engagement with Awards & Surveys

Image by Xiao Wu

Greetings from the Sygo Product Team! Every week we have exciting new features & bug fixes across all platforms & products. Here are a few major updates:

🌟 Chat is now Synergo’s new home page – due to high volume usage, Chat is now Synergo’s home page to increase accessibility & ease of use. Utilize all of Synergo’s features directly from chat & experience the power of a centralized information hub for your team!

🌟Awards – certain actions in Chat will get you awards! Share awards with your team or share on Instagram/LinkedIn and tag us (ig - or LinkedIn – Synergo Technologies) & claim weekly prizes!

🌟Surveys – create custom surveys & collect responses directly from Synergo’s chat interface! Use for both serious (e.g. COVID 19 health surveys, feedback for company) and fun (e.g. what to eat for lunch, etc.) purposes!

Here is a list of all the changes this week:


  • Changed home page to chat page

  • Added feature to clarify main features in chat during first time login from Android

  • Added Awards feature for Attendance & First Time Login

  • Added feature to view workflow from card notification in chat from Web

  • Fixed bug where chat messages are sometimes sent to the wrong Group

  • Fixed bug where email integration sometimes results in an error

  • Fixed bug where sharing files from WhatsApp to Sygo doesn’t work

  • Minor optimizations for Attendance

  • Minor UI improvements in mobile


  • Added color tagging for shifts

  • Added information regarding people count and availability when viewing Shift Templates

  • Fixed bug where Leaves and Absent Days were not considered when calculating payroll using Shift settings


  • Added feature to delete stages

  • All workflow backgrounds are set to a blank blue color

  • Fixed bug where workflows didn’t require an admin


  • Fixed bug where rating templates don’t work for level 2 Subgoals

  • Fixed bug where Subgoal count in Goal Library doesn’t update after adding a new Subgoal

  • Fixed bug where weight calculations are wrong after editing in Goal Library

  • Fixed bug where sometimes the wrong notification is shown after approving new subgoals added by team member


  • Added new tab to view overall comment in Android

  • Fixed issue with View Summary sidebar on web


  • Added feature to view Learning Dashboard

  • Added feature to view Learning Reports

  • Fixed issue where progress could exceed 100%

Thanks for reading! Please check back every week for more update information & ask your consultant for details on these improvements.

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