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Product Update - Integrated with Outlook & New Check Ins Dashboard

Image by Xiao Wu

Greetings from the Sygo Product Team! Every week we have exciting new features & bug fixes across all platforms & products. Here are a few major updates:

🌟 New Chat UI for web – To improve user experience across all platforms, Synergo’s Chat for Web UI has been redesigned to have a similar look and feel with the mobile versions.

🌟Check ins Dashboard – Keeping your meetings accountable just became a whole lot easier! Easily track Talking Point statuses with the new Check ins Dashboard. Get a quick overview of how your team is doing and automatically generate pie charts based on labels.

🌟Integrate with Outlook – Get new emails directly in your Group Chats. Keep everyone in the loop & discuss with your team before crafting your email replies, & is especially useful for combined shared mailboxes such as sales@, hello@, marketing@, support@, etc.

Here is a list of all the changes this week:


  • Changed Chat for Web UI to similar design with mobile versions

  • Added feature to allow users to read all messages in iOS

  • Added feature to view all thread replies in iOS

  • Added feature to integrate your Outlook email to a Group/Direct Message (Must be your login email)

  • Fixed bug where users cannot convert messages to card in Android

  • Fixed bug where clock in/out button sometimes disappears in iOS

  • Fixed bug where online/offline status is inaccurate in iOS

  • Fixed bug where cards displayed the wrong details when clicking on view card

  • Minor optimizations for Attendance & Chat


  • Added feature to connect & calculate overtime data from Attendance records

  • Fixed bug where take home pay calculations were different between Admin View and Personal View

  • Fixed bug where users cannot add multiple shift templates with the same work schedule


  • Added feature to delete stages

  • All workflow backgrounds are set to a blank blue color

  • Fixed bug where workflows didn’t require an admin


  • Added feature to filter check ins by clicking on pie chart

  • Added Check ins dashboard to display multiple pie charts based on labels

  • Fixed issue where description box wasn’t displaying in competencies

  • Fixed issue where scores weren’t recalculated when an Admin reopens review for a user


  • Added feature to export Learning Reports to Excel

  • Added feature to show material description and date in Mobile

  • Fixed issue where users weren’t receiving a notification when a course is completed

  • Multiple fixes in Mobile versions

Thanks for reading! Please check back every week for more update information & ask your consultant for details on these improvements.



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