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Work From Home Kills Productivity?

Updated: May 6, 2020

Source: Ka Lee

Working from home has become a serious policy for Greater Jakarta Area, due to the global spread of Covid-19. Actually, working from home (WFH) has been applied by many startup companies, with limited quota similar to paid time off (PTO). For some, especially the youth working from home is very beneficial. No need to commute, dress up properly, makeup, and many more things that does not have anything to do with your productivity. Normally, people spend around 2 hours a day only to commute to their office, and probably another hour getting ready to work. This means you can save around 3 hours per day of your time by working from home, and use that time to do something useful, such as growing your side business, building connections, going to the gym, doing your hobby, et cetera.

Despite the benefits, many find it difficult to be productive and strange by working from home especially the older generations. Working in your comfort zone, with your lovely bed within only several steps away from you, and your cute pet that keeps on coming to you asking for affection, and no requirement to dress up or even to shower. That condition seem to be the opposite from the office. That totally different vibes where you can be more relax with minimum supervision from your boss can of course kill your productivity.

For those who find it difficult to be productive while working from, here are some tips:

1. Set Your Schedule

A clear and definitive schedule for the day has to be set. Before doing so, you have to make your to-do list for the day, and then set the priority level on every task on that list. After setting the priorities, you have to allocate the time needed to accomplish each task. It is very important to allocate the time accurately for each task, because it will determine on how many task you can complete on that day. after allocating the time for each task, you set the time to start working and finish. Don't forget to allocate some time to have a break, such as lunch break, and coffee breaks. Finally, your 1-day schedule has been set. You have to follow this schedule with discipline. Do not continue to work when it's time to break, and do not take even a small break when you are supposed to work.

2. Take A Shower

Showering is really important to wake you up in the morning. Not taking a shower will make you more likely to stay in bed for longer, causing you to delay all of your schedule. You need to really wake up if you want to be productive at home. So, take a shower and really wash your wash. Take a mint soap to wash your face if needed.

3. Fix Yourself A Cup of Coffee

If you need a daily doze of caffeine, then fix yourself some coffee. Similar to taking a shower, a good cup of coffee will help to boost your senses and therefore your productivity.

4. A Full Working Day

For those who are not used to work from home, you need to remember that it is a full working day. The only difference is, you do everything at home. That's it. Stop treating the day as a day off. Choose your work station, stay in it, and focus on getting the job done. When taking the break, you can do whatever it is you want to do on a day off, yes, including playing the PS4 for a bit, but when it comes to getting back to work, you have to really get back to work. Be professional.

So, those are a few tips that might be useful for you to stay productive while working from home. For tip number 1, our app Sygo can help you to make your to-do list and set the priorities on each task. This way, you don't have to write it down on a notebook, a piece of paper, sticky notes, or a conventional check-list app.

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