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5 Tips on How to Get Used to Your New Workplace on Your First Day of Work

Updated: May 6, 2020

Source: Radostina Georgieva

1. Get used to opening and setting up your email folders, especially during your first week

Most start-ups these days relies on high tech working environment where in an organization email is pretty crucial. It's easier to reorganize folders than to start organizing from scratch after a month or two.

2. Notes are key, take notes and get mentally prepared too for your first performance review cycle.

Open a Google doc or make a page in your journal dedicated to recording significant numbers or targets you hit.

3. Since we’re living in a modern era, if you are ever stuck on something look for a non-human resource that can help you solve it before asking someone else.

Saving your face or dodging the bullet for IRL encounters is really a smart idea when you’re actually stuck on something.

4. Keep in mind what your job role is, keep note of what your supervisor is telling you when he explains what responsibilities are going to be part of your loop.

5. Last and foremost keep in mind that first weeks can be really rough, but once you find your feet steady and low things will settle down pretty quick!

Does life always feel like twist and turns? Like a phantom of confusion? Don’t worry it won’t last a lifetime. If your co-workers seem like losers, give them some time. And if you’re not used to it yet? It’s completely normal. Good luck little one #empower

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