8 Reasons Why Employees Hate Coming To Work

Updated: May 6, 2020

Source: Uran

1. Getting up for work on a Monday that’s not even supposed to be a work Monday is a million times harder.

This morning (like many before), you awoke to feelings of pure, unadulterated dread. Here's to a new day! #iwokeuplikethis

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2. Let’s be real, the traffic situation you would have to go through everyday

Some people even could come up with some creative curses to fling at your local politicians for bringing traffic to a standstill every year with their poor management.

3. Having that one odd co-worker you don’t want to deal with

Can we just admit how we have that one coworker that’s so troublesome? Everything this person does makes you intrigued from head to toe.

4. Having to wait for the elevator every now and then

I mean having a luxurious office building does sound fancy does it? But what about waiting for the long ass ride that seems like a never ending ride up to hell?

5. Going through security multiple times

I mean in this world where millennials exists, sometime when I pass through security multiple times I wonder do I look like a terrorist? Isn’t that straight down racism?

6. You’ve mentally calculated the exact number of minutes you’ll have to sit through every day.